AlHamd Legal Translations | About Us
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Al-Hamd Legal Translation offers the best services at reasonable price while providing the interpretation services into and from the major European and Asian languages as well as Indian languages to its clients across the UAE, the Middle East. Al-Hamd believes that its success lies in its quality relationship with the clients. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals are bound to deliver services that meet the higher standards in quality and accuracy .


Quality of Translation

Your projects are handled by our qualified translators under the supervision of our reviewers and proofreaders to deliver the best quality.

Fast Turnaround

We're able to manage up to 2500 words/day and our translators strictly follow deadlines, whatever the project size, no excuses!

Competitive Pricing

You are guaranteed to get the best price for your projects at a high level of quality, no hidden fees or extra charges.

We are Expert In 30+ Asian and European language, Including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Urdu, Hindi…etc

Native Translators

Our translators live ``in country``, who hold a great command of their area of expertise and specialist in their language and they know every aspect of it.

Dedicated Support

Our project managers communicate directly with our clients to meet their needs and requirements to facilitate their translation requests.

Documents Confidentiality

We know how sensitive your files and information are, so we provide confidentiality agreements and NDA's on all our projects.

Our Attestation Services :

Al-Hamd provides following types of attestation services:

Birth Certificate Attestation

Marriage Certificate Attestation

Diploma Attestation

Degree Attestation

Divorce Certificate Attestation

Commercial Documents Attestation

Educational certificates

Power of attorney

Medical documents &reports

Experience Certificate Attestation

Death Certificate Attestation

Police clearance certificates

Singleness Certificate Attestation

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