AlHamd Legal Translations | Benefits of Website Translation in Dubai
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Benefits of Website Translation in Dubai

Benefits of Website Translation in Dubai

Why Website translation?

To grow global

You worked hard to have a great product/service. Then you probably paid a lot to get a good website done – you took efforts to get the design, the layout, and the content right! Don’t ruin your efforts by offering a monolingual website if you are aiming at international business development. Don’t cut corners when it comes to communication…it is the foundation of business success! More than 73% of the internet users search and browse internet in a language other than English. (Source: Internet World Stats – Estimated internet users are 1,966,514,816 on June 30 2010) So as to tap this huge potential of global non-English speaking markets, it is a pre-requisite to have your website translated into the languages of your customers or target countries for your business.

To respect customer preference:

According to a recent survey conducted across 10 countries by the Common Sense Advisory, USA, 52% of people reported that they might buy only at websites where product or service information is presented in their own language. (This figure goes as high as 60 percent in France and Japan.) Language is such an important factor that 56.2 percent of respondents considered that information in their own language was more important than a low price. The trust and comfort of dealing in one’s own language is unmatched! Reach your customers faster and better by speaking their own language!

To widen the reach

A web site available only in English prevents a large number of potential local customers from benefiting from it. By making your website available in local languages you can reach customers who may not be comfortable with dealing in English.

To cater to these needs of your organisation you require professional website translation services.

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